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Sell Test Strips in Your Convenience

Did you know that you can make extra cash by selling your test strips to other individuals who need it? Answer in the positive and take comfort in the thought that numerous diabetics simply do not realize that they can get cash for diabetic test strips especially the ones they no longer need, will not be using anymore, or have no idea what exactly they would do with them rather than consider discarding them which would be a total waste – to say the least.

Do not be surprised if you will hear about the fact that, most diabetic patients have plenty of extra strips in their medicine kit and cabinets – this is for them to be sure that they have something to use in case of emergencies. While some of them often end up switching to another brand in light of the fact that their specialist had suggested it. Not to mention that most of them would often buy or get a whole supply of an assortment of brands and then just choose the one that they would use – which means they have almost a whole supply of unused boxes of strips that they have no idea what to do with. For health reasons, it is important that the diabetic individual must always have an extra test strip on hand in case of emergencies, and also to continuously monitor their glucose levels too. If you think about it, if you will have to choose on the option to get cash for test strips or just throw your extra ones in the trash, which ones would you get?

Hence, this only goes to show that any reason you may have just why exactly you have extra strips on hand, you can still make use of it by selling them as long as they have not been opened or used yet.

Still, for you to be sure that you are not violating any laws once you sell your test strips, there are somethings you should ensure.

Primarily, since these diabetic test strips are quite expensive, it would bode well on your part to offer the test strips when they are still far from their expiration date – if possible at least a year or more. In addition, consider the thought that many diabetics are in need of a good supply of test strips at a lower rate, so you can still earn good money out of it even if it means selling them at a lower rate – which is a relatively better option than tossing them in the trash instead. The third factor here is, the wrapping and the current state of your boxes of test strips play a huge role in getting interested offers from potential buyers, so make sure they are still in great condition and are not gouged, dusty or even torn yet. Lastly, you can resort to offering your strips online and just mail them out to your buyers once you get the payment for it – easy and less hassle on your part.

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