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What to Know Before Getting a Bow Rangefinder?

If you’re among those fortunate archers who happen to be close to a local 3D archery range and likes to shoot often, then there’s a chance that you have outstanding range estimation skills. This doesn’t work for all on the other hand as for average archers who do not have the chance to shoot like what the pros do, their skills in estimating ranges will vary widely.

Believe it or not, you can gradually develop your range estimate skills even you are at home by putting an object away from you and observe how much distance the object has from your position. From there, you start estimating the distance until you are sure that you have ranged it correctly.

However, say that you still find it hard to estimate the range of the object, no worries as you can buy bow laser rangefinders which are offered by many stores in the market. These devices can be used for different purposes like golfing, forestry, surveying, and yes of course, hunting. With this being said, a bow hunter like you have to ensure to buy a model that is designed specifically for archery. There are lots of it, which is a good thing and you can choose from the top brands at different price points and models.

In addition to that, when you are deciding which bow rangefinder to choose, you have to be aware of the different mode functions. It’s due to the reason that different functions are meant to cater different situations like for example, there are rangefinders that read the first objects in its line of sight or also called as First Priority Mode while some ignore the first object and go on the object behind it, also known as Second Priority Mode. Having said that, rangefinders that are in FPM are a lot more useful when you got unobstructed view of the target while the SPM are a lot more effective when there are intervening trees as well as bushes between you and your target.

Aside from that, you have to take into account that in addition to operating in either FPM or SPM, many of bow laser rangefinders are available in additional modes like the ARC or Automatic Range Compensation or Horizontal mode and San Mode. As a matter of fact, the ARC mode is most preferred when you are hunting in steep terrain as it calculates the distance accurately even when aiming downhill or uphill. In Scan mode, it is what the name says; you move the rangefinder across the area you want to scan by simply pressing the scan button and it will give you the variables you are looking for.

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