Raise Testosterone Production Naturally

Traditional herbal medicines from across the world have been seeing a resurgence in popularity in recent times, despite the proliferation of modern western medical practices. These herbal cures have been time-tested and proven to be effective. Tongkat Ali root extract is one of the lesser known of these plant-based solutions.

What Is It?

Tongkat Ali, also known by its scientific name Eurycoma longifolia, is native to Southeastern Asia and is locally known as Pasak Bumi. The extract is created by grinding up its roots and boiling them in water, and it is a highly-regarded traditional aphrodisiac.

How Is It Used?

In modern times, the extract is created using a controlled process that provides a water-soluble powder. This powder can then be consumed in the form of a capsule, or it can be added to beverages and certain foods in order to give a boost to the body’s natural testosterone production. It is one of the safest and most powerful natural testosterone boosters currently in use.

Who Can Benefit?

Men who are suffering from low testosterone, known medically as hypoandrogenism, can reverse their symptoms using Tongkat Ali extract. The substance is also quite popular among bodybuilders wanting to take advantage of the increased muscle mass that comes along with raised testosterone levels. Anyone taking the extract will also notice increased libido.

How Does It Work?

Tongkat Ali extract stimulates the user’s hypothalamus to increase production of GnRH, a gonadotropin-releasing hormone, in turn stimulating the release of FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone, and LH, or luteinizing hormone in the pituitary gland. When working in conjunction with each other, these hormones increase the body’s natural production of free testosterone. Once the desired testosterone level is achieved, it can be maintained by incorporating regular pauses between doses of the extract.

What Are The Side Effects?

When used for low testosterone, there are no notable side effects of Tongkat Ali extract. Bodybuilders, who use it to raise testosterone continuously over an extended period, sometimes find that they notice slightly raised aggression levels, restlessness, and occasional mild spots on the back. These side effects are normal for anyone with raised testosterone levels, whether or not they are due to the use of this powerful herb.

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